We are proud of the achievements that have built a strong company, with results that attest to the experience and expertise of a large team of professionals prepared to overcome quality goals, cost and schedule.


With executed works all over Brazil and Latin America, Zopone Engenharia has in its history the contribution to important advances in infrastructure for telecommunications. Zopone has a high reputation in this segment with more than 25,000 radio base stations constructed for big mobile operators such as: Nextel, Claro, Tim, Hi, Vivo and Embratel.

Data Center

Zopone adopts innovative solutions to assure reliability and energy efficiency to meet customers’ requirements. Develops projects and infrastructure Works for Data Centers according to the national and international laws like ANSI / TIA-942 (Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

Industrial works

Zopone shares the values of its customers by providing services and products with high quality, socio-environmental responsibility, safety and ethics in business relations. Principles followed by qualified professionals that support the excellence of our work in all areas.

Commercial works

Our continuous improvement and a history of great important works make Zopone highly prepared to build commercial Works that meet the customers’ needs.

Real estate Enterprises

Focusing on urban development, Zopone through the Z-Incorporações designs and executes high standard enterprises for residential, commercial and industrial segments. We combine technology and the newest trends in the field of construction to contribute towards a sustainable development.


Zopone offers engineering solutions for implementation, expansion and maintenance of streets, roads and highways, with services ranging from earthwork to pavement, according to the needs of each customer.

Power Transmission

Zopone expands its actuation area and takes experience, engagement and insdispensable quality to the power substations and transmission lines.